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In recent years, the concept of the Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) has become increasingly popular among local governments and property developers. A VPA is essentially a contractual agreement between a developer and a local council, where the developer agrees to provide certain community benefits or infrastructure in exchange for development approval.

One important aspect of VPAs is the requirement for councils to maintain a VPA register, which is essentially a publicly available database of all the VPAs that have been entered into by the council. This register is an important tool for transparency and accountability, as it allows members of the public to see exactly what community benefits have been promised by developers and how they are being delivered.

The VPA register typically includes information such as the name of the developer, the location of the development, the nature and scope of the community benefits provided, and any milestones or deadlines for the delivery of those benefits. This information is important not just for members of the public, but also for other developers who may be considering entering into a VPA with the same council.

One key benefit of the VPA register is that it enables councils to monitor the progress of community benefits promised by developers. If a developer fails to deliver on their promises, the council can use the VPA register to hold them accountable and ensure that the benefits are delivered in a timely manner.

For developers, the VPA register can be a valuable resource when considering entering into a VPA with a local council. By reviewing the register, developers can see what types of community benefits have been provided in the past, and what their obligations will be if they enter into a similar agreement.

Overall, the VPA register is an important tool for ensuring transparency and accountability in the development process. By keeping track of VPAs and monitoring their progress, councils can ensure that development benefits are delivered to the community in a timely and effective manner.